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Sep 21, 2017

Group Riding Advice

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Some things to think about... call them tips, call them ettiquette, or just call them garbage. Your call, but hopefully these are some things that make you think.


Establishing a Route

  • Decide the route the day before and distribute it in advance so people can be prepared

  • If it is windy, plan to ride into the wind for the beginning, and plan the route accordingly

  • If it is a hilly route, try not to put the big hills in the beginning as it will kill morale for the less accomplished riders

  • If the weather looks like it might turn bad, consider a circle route with parts that allow for cutting the route short if necessary

  • Leave on time



  • Lead rider should try to keep their effort constant

  • If going up hill, don't maintain the pace, maintain the effort

  • If going down hill, pick up the pace to keep the level of effort constant

  • If the pack is intended to stay together, keep the lead rider informed if gaps are forming so that they can correct

  • Don't drop your effort when you are taking a drink, practice doing so without "pausing"

  • Same with getting out of the saddle, do it on a downstroke to prevent pushing the bike back

  • Practice looking back over your shoulder without drifting. Tip, drop your opposite elbow/shoulder when looking back and it should help keep you going straight


Hope you find this useful!



New Posts
  • Welcome to the Midwest Cycle Club, Tonyap, rg4646, Chesca, Rodolfo! Thanks for Joining us! Please take a moment to finish your bio pages on the website so we can all get to know you. Also, be sure to check back every couple of days to see whats going on! We will have new information soon on the 2018 Ride for Ray. CLiff
  • 2018 Ride for Ray Last year’s first annual Ride for Ray event was a big success. Thanks to all of you who participated, we were able to raise just over $25,000! When we first came up with this idea for a tribute ride for Ray Spooner we had no idea how it would go. Thanks to everyone’s feedback from last year’s event we have decided to make a few changes to this year’s ride to make it BIGGER and BETTER! The biggest change for this year is that we will be having a timed route of 124 miles! We are looking forward to seeing some fast riders this year. Last year’s unofficial time to beat was just under six hours. We fully expect this to be the fastest 124 mile ride in all of Champaign county this year. If you’re even the least bit competitive with yourself, then we highly encourage you to come out and show what you’ve got! There will be prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place times in both men’s and women’s categories (these will be posted at a later date). Awards will also be given to the individual and to the team with the highest fundraising amounts. There will be a banquet meal the night before the ride with a silent auction for some sweet prizes. We will have two other route options available: Metric Century 62 miles(timed), and a 30 mile route. There will also still be a fun ride/walk around the park. Start training now, and we will see you on June 9th!! Follow us on Instagram @RideforRay for updates on registration and more information!